How to Remove Kitchen Faucet Without Basin Wrench?

The kitchen is incomplete without a faucet because it is helpful to keep caboose clean. It is an essential section of the kitchen. Sometimes, you have to change an unfit or inappropriate faucet. No doubt, dismounting a faucet may seem complicated, but this whole procedure is easy.

People think a basin wrench is necessary to remove your kitchen faucet. Fortunately, you can Remove Kitchen Faucet without Basin Wrench. If you don’t have a basin wrench, here is a simple process to follow:

  • A screwdriver
  • One socket wrench
  • One gauge of tape
  • Clean cloth or towel
  • Channel-lock pliers
  • Grease

Tips to Remove a Faucet

You have to gather all the critical tools to start this process. These steps are simple and easy to follow to remove a faucet quickly.

  • Turn Off all the Valves: In the first step, check out cold and hot valves and shut all these valves off. Remember, these may be located under a sink. You have to turn off all the valves to block water flow.
  • Open a Faucet: Once these valves are shut off, open the faucet. In this way, you can remove the pressure of faucet. After removing the force, the faucet becomes light and easy to remove.
  • Disconnect All Water Lines: Sometimes, you may not face pressure for opening the faucet. Make sure to disconnect water lines from a kitchen faucet. You can use channel-lock pliers to disconnect all the water lines.
  • Remove All the Nuts: After disconnecting the water lines, you have to follow this step. A socket wrench will help you to remove nuts that are holding the faucet. With the help of some grease, you can easily remove tightly locked nuts.
  • Disconnect a Hose: After completing the steps, disconnect the hose from the faucet. Put out a sink and use a clean towel or cloth for cleaning.

Now you can replace the old faucet with a new one. It is vital to replace a leaky faucet to save water.

Famous Types of Faucets for Kitchen Sinks

A neat and clean kitchen sink is necessary to wash dishes, fill pots, prepare food, etc. You can increase the beauty of the kitchen sink with the help of faucets. Different types of faucets are available in the market. Feel free to choose single and double handle and spray head faucets.

These are easy to wash and improve the flow of water. Moreover, faucets have several functional features. Main types of faucets are as under:

Pull Down Faucet

A pull-down faucet uses a spray wand that pulls down in the sink. These types of faucets are useful to clean produce and dishes. It increases your accessibility to difficult spots and corners. This faucet is suitable for deep and big sinks to prevent splashes. Several people like it for its breathtaking design.

If you want to deal with pots and lots of dishes, a pull-down faucet can be suitable. It helps you to reach every dirt spot and maintain dry and clean countertop space.

Pull Out Faucet

Pull out faucets are ideal for small and hollow sinks. It comes in different types of designs and styles. You will get it with detachable handles and long hose. For your convenience, you can remove a spout head and drag it to several places. No doubt, it has some similarities with a pull-down faucet.

The spray hose is a straight line and gives you the freedom to displace it among countertop and sinks. If you have a small sink space, it can be a suitable choice. Remember, the tap comes with a finger-friendly button for adjustment of temperature and water flow. With its low-arching feature, you can use it with one hand.

Single-handle Faucets

This faucet is easy and simple to install. You will find it reliable and easy to navigate. It is the most common type of faucet in the market. Single-handle faucet is available under different configurations, such as a cartridge, ceramic disk, or ball.

It is easy and straightforward to use this faucet. You can switch the lever up-and-down and side-to-side. Moreover, you can pick the desired water temperature. If you are confused between different models, focus on the system of temperature mix and water flow.

Double-handle Faucet

It features different connections and controls for cold and hot water. With the use of this faucet, it is easy to regulate temperature. This faucet is easy and simple to install. Sometimes, this faucet can adhere to utility sinks because of different connections for water.

This faucet is accessible as cartridge faucets and compression washers. To control water, you can tighten down its switch or smoothly shift its handle. You will find countless models of double-handle faucets in the market.

Motion-detect/Hands-free Faucet

These are quick and convenient faucets to prevent contamination. It has a sensor in the body to classify movements. With its motion-detecting technology, you will get some relief. You will find them convenient and stylish. Hands-free kitchen faucets may be reliable and durable.

Faucets with Commercial Style

These faucets use a long flexible design and a flexible base. Based on the model, you will get different taps for your needs. With this faucet, you can give a modern appearance to your kitchen.

Faucet with Separate Spray

If you need something flexible, feel free to buy a spray faucet. It comes with a separate handle and trigger to activate the spraying motion in the sink. The regular water flow from the tap may work if you are not triggering the separate spray nozzle.

The handle may be associated with water supply from a standard tap. Remember, spray nozzle becomes active as you switch on a normal tapa. It will route water quickly to the tap without any issue.

Pot Filler

Pot filler faucets contain a particular body to move outward. It may rotate outward to go over large items. You will find it similar to commercial sinks. Some models are suitable to adjust on the wall and may link to a plumbing system. Feel free to consider professional advice for the selection of the best faucet.    


Although the removal of the kitchen faucet without basin wrench is not so difficult, so you must care about the surrounding area to keep your kitchen free from leakage of water.

Do not allow the hose to get leaked, therefore, turn the water line off at the time of hose disconnection. And finally, follow all the steps to complete the task quickly.

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