How to Remove a Kitchen Sink – 6 Steps to Remove Kitchen Sink

Kitchen is the main room of the house where everyone goes often. People who make food at home frequently may be familiar with the problems associated with it. As you use the kitchen more, it needs proper maintenance.

If you do not look after the kitchen of your house, then expect that it will wear out slowly and you won’t even get to know. Suddenly there will be damages which you would not expect, and then it will be a significant expense on your side to do the fixtures.

However, if you keep on making little maintenance of the kitchen, then it will not only be cost effective but also maintain the good appearance of it as well. You can make the changes to the kitchen by yourself only if you are aware of the procedure.

Have the right tools, equipment and know the process; this way, all is under your control. If you want the kitchen to look clean and attractive, then the top prior thing to change is the kitchen sink.

Among the maintenance, kitchen sinks are a vital area which needs to be looked after. You wash the dishes in it, vegetables, fruits, and much more, which is why it needs to be clean and should be working properly so that the dirty water drains out.

You can remove the kitchen sink by yourself, especially if you own the house. Instead of hiring the companies to do it for you, it is an easy task if you know the steps for it. After using the kitchen for years, there would be little damages which you should fix within time before it gets worse.

Sometimes, the kitchen sinks get outdated and start to leak due to which you have to make the replacement. So, how do you get rid of the older kitchen sink? It is not difficult, so let’s get started with the guide to remove the kitchen sink.

Steps to Remove the Kitchen Sink

You need to have essential tools such as screwdrivers, wrench, pliers, and others to get started. If you own your house, then you will surely be having the right toolbox to get done with the removal of the kitchen sink. Here are the steps to follow:

Cabinet Door Removal

Step 1 – Cabinet Door Removal

Most of the kitchen sinks have cabinets, so if you have one; you have to remove that first. Use the screwdriver and remove the screws from the cabinet sides.

Make sure you keep track of removing the screws so that you do not misplace them because you will need it again to put the door back. Do not mix up the screws; otherwise, the cabinet door will not work the same way.

Step 2 – Water Lines

The next step is to disconnect the water lines and the waste lines of the sink. Close the valve of both hot and cold water located under the sink. If you are not able to find these valves, then shut off the main valve of the water supply so that you do not have to face any hassle while removing the sink.

Now once you shut off the main valve, turn on the tap water of the kitchen sink so that any water remaining in the pipe flows away.

When there is no water coming out of it, then you can continue knowing that it is turned off properly. Before you disconnect the water line, get a bucket, and keep it under the sink just in case. Now, use a wrench and from the bottom, disconnect the water lines.

There are nuts which you have to lose with the help of the wrench and when it gets loose, then take it out with the help of your fingers.

Drain Line Disconnect

Step 3 – Drain Line Disconnect

You will be able to see a big nut from the drain pipe which needs to loosen up. It is made out of plastic in most cases so lose it up with the help of a wrench. If you need to use the pliers, then remove it accordingly.

You will be able to see the u-shaped pipe where the waste goes out of the sink, lose that nut as well. It is also known as p-trap, and if it has some water, then you can collect it into the bucket. Now use the hose clamp and loosen the screws with the help of a screwdriver. Remove the clamp now, and that disconnects the drain line from the sink.

Step 4 – Dislodging Sink

There will be screws which would be holding the sink; it is time to remove them now. Use the screwdriver to remove them conveniently. The sink will not come off all of a sudden, so with the help of a knife, place it between the countertop and the sink.

Slide it inside and pull it upwards so that the sink can separate from the countertop and the edges. It breaks the seal between the two and does not damage the area too. You can neatly get done with the removal of sink this way.

Step 5 – Removing the Sink

Now you can pick the sink and place it somewhere else. Along with that, remove the basket strainer as well but make sure to be careful during all this process.

Remove Kitchen Faucets

Step 6 – Removing the Faucet

There will be two nuts on the side of the taps, remove them with the help of the pliers. Keep them aside, and there you go, you are done with removing the sink successfully. You can also find some best kitchen faucet online.


Everyone has different types of kitchen sinks in their house. Depending on the type you have, remove it accordingly. Most popular ones are the stainless steel which stays new for a long time. It is easy to remove and re-install kitchen sinks when you follow the steps.

However, when the kitchen sinks are old and outdated, make sure to go ahead and purchase a new one so that you can maintain cleanliness in the kitchen. You will love the new look of your kitchen just by removing and putting a new kitchen sink.

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