How to Cook Couscous in a Rice Cooker

Cooking Couscous on the stove requires a lot of attention. But you can make it perfect in no time with your rice cooker. No need to keep timing again and again for such an appliance that is small in size. 

It is best suited for large families on the move who do not want to keep stirring or timing exactly right. Here are some easy steps that one can follow if he/she wants to know how to cook couscous in a rice cooker and make his/her meal nice and simple.

Key Points

Here are the key points on how to cook couscous in a rice cooker. 

  • Cooking couscous in a rice cooker is a very short task.
  • Only a few basic ingredients are required to prepare couscous in the rice cooker.
  • Flavored couscous may be made by adding other ingredients as well.
  • After cooking leftovers of cooked couscous can be refrigerated or frozen and used later
  • Couscous is healthy because it contains fiber, protein, and micronutrients which our bodies need.

Ingredients you need 

Couscous in a rice cooker can be made using a few ingredients that you may already have. You will need one cup of couscous and 1-1/2 cups of either water or broth for the recipe. If you desire, add some olive oil and salt to taste. Then choose other things like spices herbs vegetables or proteins that go well with it depending on what you want. So, the ingredients you need are: 

  • 1 cup of couscous
  • 1 and 1/2 cups of water or chicken/vegetable broth
  • Salt 
  • Olive oil (optional)
  • Additional ingredients for flavor such as vegetables, herbs, spices, or protein

How to cook couscous in a rice cooker

To cook couscous, an all-round refreshing and adaptable grain in your rice cooker is easy if you use a few steps that do not waste much time. Use little ingredients together with the rice cooker to have it done within minutes. Below are some simple ways you can do so.

How to cook couscous in a rice cooker

1 First, pour a measure of one cup of couscous into the rice cooker and add it. The normal ratio for liquid and couscous in a rice cooker is one-to-one, but you may change this depending on how much couscous you would like to make.

2. Pour water or stock into the rice cooker – about 1.5 cups and also put in a little salt and olive oil which will enhance its flavor. Couscous must be moist while cooking because it absorbs flavors from salt and oil.

3. Add some other things such as proteins, vegetables, spices, or herbs that you would like to include. This step may be skipped but enhances flavor with extra nutrients in your couscous.

4. Cover the top with a lid and set it usually on cooked white rice or normal rice. Most come with white rice settings, which are perfect for making couscous.

5. Let’s boil till all the liquids have been absorbed; It will last around fifteen minutes. If you follow the common experience while cooking fifteen minutes can be fine.

6. After that, utilize a fork to separate the grains. This is necessary to make them less starchy and more tender.

7. Serve your beloved’s the delicious couscous! You can also make it a main course by adding vegetables and protein.

How to serve Couscous

Semolina flour which is ground to small balls of steamed semolina is used in making couscous, a traditional North African dish. It can either be served as a main dish or a side dish because it is an easy recipe that has many uses. To serve couscous, follow these steps; after boiling it for about 15 minutes, fluff the grains using a fork. It can be eaten hot or cold and combined with different types of sauces meat or vegetables. Couscous is a perfect meal for the family since it can be personalized depending on one’s preference – delicious and nutritious.


This is the way how simple and comfortable one may cook his/her favorite grain – couscous – using the rice cooker. With only several basic components needed alongside a rice cooker, one can quickly have an excellent garnish or main dish right on her table. It’s not bad if you experiment with flavors and products trying to create original recipes for the deliciousness of couscouses too different from each other. Then why don’t you consider including this grain in your next meal plan so that you can enjoy its amazing health benefits?

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