How to Change the Whole House Water Filter?

The whole house water filtration system is necessary for the wellbeing of your family. This filtration system can sift through minerals, synthetic substances, and chlorine. Water supplies contain chlorine that is added in controlled settings. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid the reactions of chlorine.

To avoid these allergies, installation, and maintenance of home filtration system is necessary. Remember, professional assistance becomes essential to learn How to change whole house water filter.

A sustainable water filtration system can decrease the exposure of chlorine while washing, breathing, and drinking. The best filtration use propelled the filtration system via different stages. They are suitable to expel over 30 dangerous chemicals from the water supply of the home.

The whole house water filtration may not need upkeep or monitoring. This system may come with an average life of 5 – 10 years.  

How to Change Whole House Water Filter?

A water filter system for your entire house contains devices to filter water from different outlets. The main supply of water is the right place to install water filtration devices. It helps each faucet of the building to dispense pure water.

The water filter of the faucet may be suitable for the entire house. It is installed on every faucet to filter water from particular outlets. People can install water filters under a sink or on a countertop of specific rooms. A gravity filtration system can be great for countertops.

With a water filter system for your entire life, you will get clean water from all faucets for bathing and cooking. If you want to change the water filter system of your home, put on goggles and gloves. These items will protect your eyes from water splashes.

Make sure to arrange an empty bucket to change the filter of your house. Put your empty bucket under the filter unit to avoid the incidents of water dripping on the ground. Here are some easy instructions to follow:

Whole House Water Filter

Release Pressure

In the first step, turn off your water supply and carefully release pressure. You have to disconnect the water supply at the main feed or valve. Push a red knob to release water. Carefully complete this job because water can immediately pop out when you push a knob to release pressure.

Clean-up O-ring and Remove Casing

Carefully screw out a casing and a big O-ring. This ring is available in the form of a big diameter along with a black band of plastic. You may find this ring in a casing. It is essential to clean the ring and put this ring back into its actual position. If it is not working, you should change this ring.

Throw Away Old Filter

After taking out an old water filter, you have to discard it properly. Now clean the housing by removing dust and dirt in the casing. Feel free to use kitchen soap, warm water, and a soft sponge or cloth to wash casing thoroughly.

Put almost 1/3rd of water in the casing and pour some bleach in it for washing. It is essential to wash casing gently. Complete the entire cleaning process carefully to avoid possible damages. Rinse the housing twice and put it aside to dry.

Lubricate O-ring

You will need silicone grease to lubricate O-ring. It is important to adjust the ring appropriately in its housing. Remember, it is safe to clean silicone grease because it will not damage the rubber. After cleaning, put the ring back to the groove. Carefully complete the seating process of O-ring because your carelessness can break the seal.

Make sure to put the filter perfectly on the filter cartridge. Thus, this device acts as the main water port to supply filtered and clean water to your entire home. Make sure to put a filter in the middle of the faucet.

Whole House Water Filter Changing Tips
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Install a New Filter Cartridge

If you want to change the water filter system, you have to purchase a new filter cartridge. Before buying a filter system, you have to evaluate the housing and search a hydrant at the central bottom. It is available as a round-shaped device with one small pipe rubber.

Screw Casing

You can manually screw the filter cartridge to a cap while changing the housing. Make sure to keep a filter in the middle of the faucet. It may be difficult to see it, but the faucet starts slipping in the opening of the cartridge easily. Remember, you should not tighten the case because it may cause cracks.

Turn on Water Supply and Test Pressure

To restore water supply again, slowly turn an inlet switch to its “On” position. You have to do it carefully because water may gush out forcefully. A forceful stream of water can spoil the unit and remove the casing.

Push a red knob to test water pressure. You have to prepare yourself to get wet because some water may spray out. To avoid the spray, you can wrap one towel halfway on the unit before ultimately releasing the pressure.

After changing the water filter and sealing the casing, you can leave the water running for almost 6 to 7 minutes. Let it run for a few minutes to wash out dust. It is necessary to avoid the possibility of water sediments in the tap during filter replacement.


After reading this guide, you can learn How to change whole house water filter. The lifespan of water filters may vary between 1 and 6 months. You can easily find out if your filter is defective. For instance, unpleasant taste or odor is a prominent sign of a faulty filter. The water pressure and flow rate may change.

Moreover, the old cartridge will help you to evaluate the state of the water filter. An old or worn-out cartridge must be replaced promptly. If your cartridge is new and clean, you can use it for a longer duration.

It is vital to buy high-quality cartridges for your water filter. They can work productively and last longer. Remember, the life of high-quality cartridges may last for 36 months. For your health, you have to change a faulty water filter immediately.  

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