Why are Kitchen Cabinets so Expensive?

Nowadays, kitchen cabinets are essential for storage. Custom cabinetry may be a safe choice to satisfy different styles and needs. The design options are unlimited in terms of material and colors. From material to style, different factors can affect the cost of Kitchen Cabinets. See the overview of these factors.


The material of the kitchen cabinet can make it expensive. They may vary in prices and characteristics. Remember, a custom-made cabinet can be expensive because of finer materials. An expensive material for kitchen cabinets is solid wood. It is durable and useful for cabinet material.

MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is made of resin and fibers. It is different than solid wood because termites cannot destroy it. This cheap cabinet material will help you to save money.

Another excellent option is plywood for kitchen cabinets. As compared to solid wood, it is a cheap option. It offers maximum water resistance. Moreover, particleboard is a cheap material for kitchen cabinet. Particleboard is made of sawdust and wood. Cabinets may be heavy after building.

For some people, solid wood is the best material to create kitchen cabinets. Composite material and engineered wood may be best for cabinets. They are cheaper than real wood but offer resistance and durability to decaying elements.

Kitchen Cabinets Materials

Change of Kitchen Cabinets

During kitchen remodeling, people prefer to change their kitchen cabinets. If they do not want to change, they may prefer refinishing or refacing. The removal of cabinets means extra cost because you have to install new ones. To save money, people try to remove their current cabinets by themselves.

Remember, DIY removal can be dangerous; therefore, you have to consider professionals to remove current cabinets. It will help you to decrease the risk of damaging your walls. The cost of removing cabinets may sum up with the installation cost of new cabinets. If you want new cabinets, it is essential to remove old ones. In this way, you can’t avoid the cost of removing cabinets.

Installation of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are different than other furniture. You have to install them safely and securely; therefore, qualified professionals are necessary. The installer rate and cost of the project will determine the actual cost. Remember, the cost of installation may contribute almost 40% to 50% of the total cost of kitchen cabinets.

Customization Can Increase the Cost

If you want to buy kitchen cabinets, you are free to choose the material and the design. The cabinet manufacturer will manage everything as per your taste. Price of custom-made kitchen cabinets can be high than others. It is expensive and hard to design custom-made cabinet designs.

These cabinets are constructed manually to meet the requirements of customers. Ordinary stock may not have customized features. If you cannot afford custom-made cabinets, feel free to choose stock cabinets. These are not cheap, but they may be affordable than custom-made models.

Cost of Labor

If you want to build kitchen cabinets, labor is a necessary cost to consider. Remember, construction of kitchen cabinets is a labor intensive task. It needs time and skills to design the best cabinets.

It takes six hours to make a solid cabinet piece and get each kitchen cabinet perfect. This job needs skilled workers in cabinetmaking, and it requires a cost. The workers may demand extra money to complete this work.

Quality of Material

The quality of the material will determine the cost of the cabinets, such as marble and granite, are available costly than others. Moreover, the wood type you may use for the kitchen may impact the cost of cabinets. You can find different types of woods in the market, such as Maple wood, is expensive than Birchwood.

Moreover, plywood is also useful for the sides of the cabinets. If you want to save money while designing a kitchen cabinet, you have to check the type of materials. You can choose cheap materials but avoid poor quality material.

Mass Production or Custom Made

Mass production or customized design can drastically impact the final price of the cabinet. Remember, mass produced kitchen cabinets can be affordable. The major manufacturing companies use machinery and automation to decrease labor cost and increase productivity.

Stock cabinets may cost between $100 and $300 per linear foot installed. The average cost of kitchen cabinet per foot can be $100 to $1,200.

Types of Cabinet Wood

Types of Cabinet Wood

Cost of wood may range between $5,000 and $25,000. The average difference in cost for linear foot may be $5. Maple has tight, straight grains; therefore, it is an ideal candidate for modern and traditional designs. It is durable to handle stain and paint.

If you want a dense wood, you can choose cherry. It features close and straight grain. Several homeowners prefer cherry wood because of its natural durability and elegance. This wood is useful for both modern and traditional designs.

Oak has a natural elegance and straight grain. This highly textured and elegant wood can be ideal for cabinets. Porous nature of this wood makes it permeable. Dark stains highlight its grain pattern and light stains work well with wood. Similar to cherry, oak wood is long-lasting and durable.

Visible knots and long grains in pinewood give it a sophisticated and rugged look. If you want to use pine, feel free to choose long-lasting yellow pine. It is a popular choice with its light nature for the modern kitchen.

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass and has outstanding anti-microbial properties. It is an ecologically friendly option. Remember, bamboo is a sustainable and renewable choice to use as a laminate material.

How to Remove Kitchen Cabinets?

Final Verdict

Cost of kitchen cabinets may vary based on the type of wood and other materials. Laminate may run $4000 – $15,000, and it is cost-friendly similar to veneers. It is a synthetic material to put on low-pressure or high-pressure procedures. Laminate with high-pressure is a top-quality product available under different brand names.

It is durable and suitable to handle wear and tear of your busy kitchen. They may not fade or wrap similar to wooden replacements. Laminate is an affordable option for contemporary and modern kitchens.

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