Delta 9159T-AR-DST Faucet Trinsic Review – Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Do you want sleek looking and high-quality kitchen faucet? This is available at an affordable price. Delta 9159T-AR-DST Faucet is a single-handled pull-down faucet from a reputed brand in the industry. This faucet is an innovative and stylish product. Undoubtedly, this fixture originates a glossy design.

It can be an excellent addition to the aesthetics of your kitchen. This faucet can fit in several kitchen sinks. Feel free to use it for single or three-hole configuration. You will find this faucet suitable for your needs.  

Delta 9159T-AR-DST Faucet Design

The Delta Trinsic kitchen faucet features a sleek and simple design. You can use it in different kitchen settings. This faucet features smooth lines and gives it an elegant and soft look. It has a high arc spout that has 15 11/16 inches height and graciously reaches the sink. Users can swivel its spout to 360 degrees that is convenient for two sink basins in the kitchen. Moreover, it is suitable for an under-mount sink.

Delta 9159T-AR-DST Faucet Design

You can get this faucet in different colors. Feel free to choose from arctic stainless steel for an urban style, matte black or chrome for modern looks and champagne bronze for an amazing luxurious look. The tap features a sharp design and restrained lines. It will complement the stainless steel theme of your kitchen.

Fantastic Construction Quality

Delta Faucet features premium quality construction. Undoubtedly, Delta is famous for its high-quality kitchen appliances. People like the features and quality of these faucets. If you want the best kitchen faucets, feel free to buy this model. It comes with the arctic stainless steel finishing and premium bronze.

Fantastic Construction Quality

The durable construction of this faucet will certify maximum usage. After installing this faucet, there is no need to change it for a longer duration. This special faucet features diamond seal special technology. Remember, it can decrease leaking and increase the lifetime of this faucet as compared to standard units.

Impressive Water Flow

People like to buy this Delta Faucet because of its sleek design and durability. You can fit this faucet to different kitchen sinks. Remember, it is suitable for 9.5 inches x 4.4 inches x 9.5 inches dimensions. The average weight of the product is almost 7 pounds.

You have to follow a special process for installation, such as a deck mount. The rate of water flow will be 1.8 GPM at almost 60 psi. Fortunately, it is easy to clean this faucet.

Delta 9159T-AR-DST Faucet Dimension

Touchless Touch 2O Technology

This technology is suitable to allow users to control water flow with their touch. For a smooth water flow, touch anywhere on its handle or spout. Undoubtedly, this feature is useful for people with occupied hands. If you are too much busy in other kitchen chores, touch feature proves helpful to open your faucet easily.

It is the best faucet for modern kitchens with high-quality technology. Remember, this feature can distinguish between grabbed and touch. For this reason, you can decrease the chances of accidental water waste.

Magnetite Special Docking System

You can perfectly place its spray head because of Magnetite docking. Once you are done with the use of water, the head of the spray will immediately get in the right position. It has powerful magnet snaps to precisely adjust the place of your faucet.

Magnetite Special Docking System

Compliance and Power Options

The Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet features the best power option. It has 6 AA batteries and features of this faucet are similar to different other products of Delta. Undoubtedly, the battery is great for long use. You can increase the battery life to almost five years with a 6 C battery.

An A/C adapter (optional) is available, but you have to order it separately. The battery features the LED and solenoid pointers. ADA conforms with this faucet completely and has a 62-inch hose.

Easy Cleaning and Extra Features

The delta faucet Trinsic has rubber, soft touch-clean spray holes. You can quickly clean away lime and calcium from the faucet. Remember, these minerals will build on the faucet over time, and you can remove it with your finger. Moreover, built-in LED TempSense light is a remarkable feature of this faucet.

To make things interesting, color of the indicator can change from blue to red to magenta with the increase in temperature. You can find about the low battery power with the help of indicator. Everything comes in an appropriate box that includes supply lines of InnoFlex PEX.

Limited Warranty

For your convenience, trinsic faucets are backed by 5-year limited warranty of Delta. Fortunately, installation options are easy. You can easily switch between stream and spray.

Pull Down Special Design

Pull Down Special Design

Stainless faucet features a pull-down head connected on one 20-inch hose. You can pull it up and down easily for rinsing and washing tasks. It allows you to cover different corners of your sink. Push a button located on the head of the spray, and you can select the stream or spray mode. To fill a water pot, you can use a stream mode. For a powerful stream, switch to an aerated spray style.

Delta specifically focuses on the faucet to easily avoid mineral buildup on the spout. The special spray head of Delta trinsic kitchen faucet has soft nozzles of rubber. For this reason, it is easy to wipe the mineral buildup away with fingers instantly.

Pros & Cons

  • Trinsic faucet features the best construction quality
  • Touch2O technology to easily stop and start
  • Compact design for every kitchen
  • Diamond closure technology to avoid leaking
  • Versatile dual spray function
  • Some complaints with on/off touch feature

Final Verdict

After reading the Delta 9159T-AR-DST Trinsic faucet review, you can easily understand if it is the best faucet for you. The design quality and durability of the faucet are amazing. It can fit in every small to a large kitchen. Delta concentrated on offering some important features, such as diamond seal technology and touch technology in the faucet.

There is no need to worry about leak points because it has diamond seal technology. You can install it easily without any hassle. Touch-clean holes permit you to wipe away lime and calcium buildup with your finger. Overall, it will be an excellent and affordable option for your kitchen.

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