Where to put a fridge in small kitchen – 20 Creative Ideas

A functional kitchen plan necessitates the strategic positioning of equipment, cupboards, and counters. This may be difficult in a small kitchen because space is limited and every inch must be utilized. The placement of the refrigerator is an essential consideration in kitchen design. This vital equipment must be quickly accessible and smoothly incorporated into the general plan while not taking up too much valuable room. This post will look at the many alternatives for where to install a fridge in small kitchen to help you maximize your space and create a practical and efficient kitchen. So, let’s get started and learn where to put fridge in small kitchen!

20 Best places to put a fridge in small kitchen

Designing a useful and efficient kitchen layout may be difficult, especially in a small kitchen with limited space. The placement of appliances plays an important role in creating a practical and visually appealing kitchen design. The refrigerator is an important part that must be carefully placed among these appliances. With limited space, it is essential to carefully evaluate where to install a fridge in a small kitchen. Here you will look at 20 of the finest places to install a fridge in a small kitchen to help you maximize your space and create a functional and attractive kitchen.

  1. Along a wall: Along a wall is one of the most frequent and effective ways to put a fridge in a small kitchen. This enables simple access to the refrigerator while also keeping it out of the way of the kitchen’s primary work triangle.
  2. Under a counter or cabinet: If you have a lot of room, try putting the fridge beneath a counter or a cabinet. This saves valuable floor space while also creating a more simplified impression.
  1. In a corner: Place the fridge in one of the kitchen’s often-overlooked corners. Installing a particularly built corner cabinet or employing a slim, counter-depth fridge can do this.
  2. In an island: Try including your refrigerator in the layout of your kitchen island. This results in a more integrated and unified appearance while also freeing up counter space in other places.
  3. In a pantry: Examine putting the fridge inside your pantry if you have one in your small kitchen. This keeps it hidden while simultaneously providing extra storage space.
  4. Under the stairs: Another inventive alternative is to make use of the area beneath a stairwell if one exists. This can provide the appearance of a built-in and conserved room in the main cooking area.
  5. In a nook: Consider putting the fridge in an underused corner or alcove in your small kitchen. This can free up room in the main area while also adding a one-of-a-kind and useful design function.
  6. Above the counter: A small refrigerator can be positioned above the counter in some circumstances, either in a specially constructed cabinet or on a shelf. This solution is appropriate for extremely small places.
  7. In a built-in cabinet: Think about putting the fridge inside a built-in cabinet for a clean and seamless appearance. This can be accomplished by placing matching cabinet panels on the fridge doors or by employing panel-ready refrigerators.
In a built-in cabinet
  1. In a pull-out cabinet: Consider installing a pull-out cabinet with a built-in refrigerator for a simple and space-saving alternative that allows you to conveniently reach the fridge without taking up too much floor room.
  2. Above or below the oven: Inspect positioning the fridge above or below your wall oven if you have one. This gives an overall look and puts all of your cooking gadgets in one location.
  3. In a modular unit: Modular kitchen units are an excellent choice for small kitchens since they can be customized to match your needs. Consider putting the refrigerator into one of these units for an integrated appearance.
  4. On a shelf: Consider putting the fridge on a shelf if you have open shelves in your kitchen. This results in a one-of-a-kind and functional design feature while also freeing up counter space.
  5. Behind a cabinet door: For a smoother visual appeal, cover the fridge with a cabinet door. This can be accomplished with specialized refrigerator panels or by building a custom-made cabinet.
  6. In a breakfast bar: Look at putting the fridge behind your breakfast bar if you have a small kitchen. This keeps it hidden while still making it convenient for fast grab-and-go goods.
  7. In a counter cut-out: A countertop cut-out for the fridge is another technique to save room in a small kitchen. This allows the refrigerator to be placed back into the counter, giving it a more streamlined appearance.
  8. On a mobile cart: Consider putting the fridge on a movable cart for optimum movement. This allows you to relocate it as needed while also providing more counter and storage space.
  9. On a wall shelf: If you have a little amount of floor space, try putting a shelf on your kitchen wall and positioning the fridge on top of it. This keeps the refrigerator off the floor besides providing a one-of-a-kind decorative element.
  10. On a wall-mounted bracket: Consider building a wall-mounted bracket and placing the fridge on top of it for a genuinely space-saving option. This elevates the fridge off the floor and frees up important counter space.
  11. In a custom-made unit: Remember working with a custom cabinet builder to construct a built-in team for your fridge for a genuinely personalized and one-of-a-kind solution. This allows you to maximize your area while also generating a unique design.
Put a fridge in small kitchen

Refrigerator in the corner of the kitchen

Placing the refrigerator in a small kitchen nook is a sensible and space-saving solution. As it is out of the way of the main work triangle yet conveniently accessible, this frequently neglected corner area might be the ideal location for a fridge. There are several methods of fitting a fridge into a corner, such as employing a specifically constructed corner cabinet or choosing a limited, counter-depth fridge. This choice not only saves space but also adds a distinctive and visually appealing design feature to the kitchen.

Refrigerators for small kitchens

When choosing a refrigerator for a small kitchen, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, the size and dimensions of the refrigerator should be considered to ensure that it fits in the assigned area. A counter-depth refrigerator additionally helps save room since it does not protrude as far into the kitchen as a standard fridge. Consider the fridge’s features and arrangement, such as movable shelf and door storage, to maximize storage capacity in a compact kitchen. Choosing a refrigerator with a clean and streamlined appearance can also help it fit in with the overall decor of the kitchen.

Compact refrigerator for small kitchen

In a small kitchen, every square inch counts. That is why choosing a small refrigerator is a wise decision. These tiny versions of standard refrigerators may fit into small areas while still storing food and beverages. Compact refrigerators may also have door storage and movable shelves, making them a practical and effective alternative for tiny kitchens. They are also more energy efficient, leading to a more inexpensive long-term option.

Tall refrigerators for small kitchens

Tall refrigerators are an excellent choice for individuals with limited floor space in a small kitchen. These refrigerators often have a limited width but greater vertical storage, making them useful in small settings. To maximize storage capacity, some tall refrigerators include built-in freezers. However, before selecting a tall fridge, carefully measure the available space and consider the door swing, since they can take up a large amount of floor area when opened.


Finally, there are several possibilities for where to install a fridge in small kitchen. The location of corner areas, from using them to incorporating them into a kitchen island, is ultimately determined by the layout and available space in your unique kitchen. Consider the alternatives given and select the one that best meets your demands and maximizes your available space. With the appropriate placement, your refrigerator may fit in with the rest of your kitchen while still giving simple access and functionality.

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