How to Make a Kitchen in Minecraft

As everyone is fond of the virtual world and how everything can be done within seconds, the good thing is that you can make your kitchen in Minecraft too. Minecraft is one of the popular games in the world which is known by everyone. It did not require much of marketing efforts for it to get, but word of mouth did most of the work.

Minecraft isn’t just a game now, but it is also used in the classrooms for the teaching purposes for the kids to learn from it and develop interest by being creative. This game is also known as sandbox game where you can create the place with your imagination as you want it to be. You can build buildings, rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and much more with the resources available in this game.

Many of the graphic designers use this to give a virtual tour of the kitchen which people would want in their house before they start the construction. You can access this game on different platforms like smartphone, computer, tablet, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, and Pi as well. The popularity of this game has been increasing day by day, especially among young children.

The release of Minecraft was in 2009, which was built by a small team. The team members did not have any strategy to market this game; neither had big resources for it. So you must be thinking how come it is so popular? Well, the overall interface of the game is easy to play.

There are no rules in the game, which is quite astonishing. However, there are objectives and instructions available for anyone to get started. The players on this game have the opportunity to use their creativity in building and exploring different aspects with connecting them to make a proper building, room, office, or any place which they want. For the children, it is like a little adventure which they get to do on the computer or tablets.

There is a lot of flexible options in Minecraft which the users can utilize. You can bring the fantasy in front of your eyes with starting from scratch. Some villains may come across, and you can fight them off as well. You have the option to play it with your friends or alone.

There are many skills in this game which get challenged, and it also makes the brain sharp. However, there are age restrictions with this game, which is 13 years old. Anyone older than 13 years can play this game without any restrictions.

Guide to Make Kitchen in Minecraft

So when you get started with creating the kitchen on Minecraft, you have to keep in mind that decoration and simplicity need to go side by side.

Here is a quick step by step guide for you to utilize Minecraft in creating kitchen room. You can use your creativity to make it any way you want, but these are some of the basics which are shared here.

Kitchen Cupboards

Step 1: Building cupboards/cabinets

The first thing you would want is to store the utensils in the kitchen which should not be visible on the countertop. For that, you need proper cupboards or cabinets. Place the cabinets on the wall above the countertop and the opposite too.

The more offices you have, the better it will be for you to maintain the kitchen. Also, make sure to use the trapdoors for the cupboards, so they stay strong and do not loosen up over time.

Step 2: Countertop

Next is the placement of the countertop. So place the end stone wherever you wish to place the countertop in the kitchen.

Kitchen Sink

Step 3: Sink

The most important area of the kitchen is the sink. You can place it at the end portal of the kitchen area. It needs to be away from the door entrance of the kitchen always. Make sure that it fits into the countertop properly.

Step 4: Stove Placement

Place the stove where you wish to do it whether it is on the side of the kitchen or middle.

Step 5: Fridge

Always make sure to leave a place for the refrigerator inside the kitchen. Keep the space so that you can walk and have enough area even if you have placed the fridge. Choose the right spot and place the refrigerator there.

Step 6: Round Table

If the kitchen is spacious, then you have the breakfast round table in the middle of the kitchen where everyone can have food easily. You would not have to carry it to the dining area, again and again, this way.

Learning with Minecraft

A lot of people think that whether Minecraft is the right way of learning and child development. Well, if you look at the game, you will see that it helps you explore your creativity, which is vital for the children. It allows children with organization skills, planning, problem-solving, thinking analytical, and much more.

As children, brain development is rapid, whatever they practice turns into their personality when they grow up. The best you can do for your children is to help them opt out for creative learning. It also increases the overall focus of the children and shows how much interest they have in art.

If your kids prefer to play with his/her friends, then it helps them cope up with the strategies to work in teams. It will be beneficial for them in future when they have to work in companies where you cannot run individually but have to take other people along with you to be successful. With that, it helps in improving the communication and social skills of the children.


Minecraft is an excellent game for you to learn about the virtual world initially. There is advance software to design a kitchen nowadays, but for a newbie, this would be the best option.

Children play this game with interest due to which it is preferable that you have this downloaded in your computer or tablets for your kids to have some time on it.

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