How To Organize Kitchen? 15 Exclusive Trending Tips

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, it can be challenging to organize kitchen. You have to deal with different things from pantry and food items to small appliances to glassware and utensils. To organize the kitchen, you have to focus on everything, such as baking sheets, cutting boards, pot lids, food wraps, etc.

Fortunately, several options are available to keep your kitchen organized. These options will help you to increase storage space in your kitchen.

Tension Rods for an Additional Shelf

You can use the maximum space of your kitchen cabinets after installing tension rods. It will not interfere with storage on the base. After installing tension rods, you will get more space for small jars. Special tension rods are available in the market. These are easy to fit in your cabinets without installation.

Double the Shelf Space

If you want to multiply your storage space, feel free to use shelf risers made of wire. These can smartly increase vertical storage areas. You will get extra room to store dishware. In this way, you can secure your mugs, bowls, and dishes in cabinets.

Double the Shelf Space

Command Hooks for Pot Lids

Lids of pots can be a troublemaker in your kitchen. These can eat up your storage space; therefore, command hooks are available for your help. Use command hooks to use door space of cabinets. You can hang pot lids on the doors to organize lids.

For a pot lid, you will need two adhesive hooks. Install them near the top of the door and slowly move down. Make sure to consider the size of lids before installing each hook. In this way, you can easily find pot lids at the time of need.

Use Turntables To Increase Pantry Space

A turntable is a smart method to increase the space of your pantry. It will help you to use challenging to reach and awkward corners. If you are using your cabinets as a pantry, you can quickly get everything using turntables. Fortunately, different models are available in the market. You can buy a suitable table as per your budget.

Add Hooks for Cups

You can use hooks smartly in your kitchen, such as inside cabinets, on the walls, under shelves, etc. In this way, you can create space for your stuff. Hooks are handy to keep practical things, such as pans, utensils, and pots nearby.

Feel free to add hooks beside the backsplash to keep everything near you. It does not mean to drill in tiles because you can use adhesive hooks. Several spots are suitable to install hooks, such as undersides of shelves and cabinets. In this way, you can create a space to hang small pots, utensils, mugs, and even more.

Sponge Holder To Organize Kitchen

It is an affordable solution to keep condiment packets come with French fries, sandwiches, and pizza. You can simply put one sponge holder in the fridge and put packets in this holder. Remember, a sponge holder can be useful to turn your pantry into a streamlined space. Stick 1 to 2 sponge holders in your fridge as per your needs to keep small items organized.

Sponge Holder To Organize Kitchen

Store Attachments Of Stand Mixer In Its Bowl

Make sure to work smartly to manage everything in the available space. For instance, the attachment of your stand mixer can be kept in its bowl. It is the best way to keep them secure near you. Moreover, you can save time by putting these attachments in the bowl.

Cookware Organizer

Different cookware organizers are available to keep pans, pots, baking sheets, and other items. An expandable organizer will help you to keep everything in order. Remember, expandable racks allow you to organize an extensive cookware collection without any trouble. It is suitable for platters, plates, lids, pans, and pots.

These racks are easy to adjust in cabinets of all sizes. Coated wire dividers feature a non-slip base to organize different items. It will help you to manage cooking without wasting time hunting for cookware.

Pull-Out Drawers

If you do not want to dig through your cabinets, buy pull-out drawers. The use of this drawer will help you to get your small appliances without wasting time. Durable chrome pull-out cabinet drawers can make your kitchen cabinets accessible. Install them at the base of cabinets to pull out drawers smoothly.

Remember, the installation of these drawers is easy and quick. It comes with a ball bearing glides. You can smoothly roll out even a loaded drawer. All necessary hardware is available to make installation easy.

Airtight Storage Container Sets

Change the entire look of your pantry and kitchen with the use of airtight bins. These are stackable to save space. You can buy storage containers in different sizes. Make sure to choose containers made of durable material. The containers come with airtight storage lids.

Transparent containers are made of BPA free materials. The clear plastic containers allow you to see the content easily. Moreover, the wide top makes it easy to take out grains, rice, and other food items.

Airtight Storage Container Sets
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Grocery Bag Dispensers

People commonly reuse grocery bags; therefore, they store them in a big plastic bag. To make things easy, you can use a bag dispenser. It is easy to keep all the grocery bags in one place and grab them easily. You can mount this dispenser on the wall or in the cabinets. It allows you to tuck up almost 30 plastic grocery bags. No doubt, it is clutter-free storage.

Knife Bar With Magnetic Power

Knife blocks look professional, but these take too much space on your counter. For this reason, the magnetic strip is a reliable choice. You can use this strip to store kitchen utensils and knives on your wall. Secure all your knives in one place to save time.

Use Size of Cabinets

Sides of cabinets offer maximum space in your kitchen. If you have exposed sides of cabinets, use them creatively. Add hooks, shelves, or a rail on the sides of cabinets to hang cups, utensils, and other items. It will be a great place to hang pots and pans. Use space on the cabinets and turn it into storage for heavy pots.

Dry Rack Over the Sink

If you lack space for a rack to dry dishes, you can choose vertical space. An over-sink rack offers maximum room for bowls, soap, utensils, and plates. It will make your work easy and allow you to save time. These racks are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Kitchen Organize Tips

Wall Space for Kitchen Pantry

If you do not have sufficient space for your kitchen pantry, you can use vertical wall space. Feel free to use baskets, cabinets, and shelves to use wall space. This space is excellent to store bowls, cans, mason jars, and containers.

Final Verdict

If you want to organize a kitchen, it is crucial to use each possible corner. Several options are available for your assistance. You can choose the best method at your convenience. Different drawers, hooks, and racks are available to organize everything.

Several organization tools are available for the kitchen. You can use them in different ways. These prove helpful to use awkward corner cabinets. Use some detachable bins to organize utensils, lids, plates, etc. After organizing the kitchen, it will be easy for you to save time and money. Moreover, the organization is necessary to avoid wasting grains, vegetables, and other items.

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