How to Make Kitchen Cabinets Shine – 7 Simple Tips

When you do not maintain the kitchen cabinets for a long time, they lose the original shine, which gives an overall old and dirty appearance to the kitchen. How do they lose shine? It is because of the stains which it has, and you can easily remove them if you are consistent at maintaining your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets get exposure from the sticky fingers, cooking oils, grease, food splattering, and much more. It can make a dirty coat on the cabinets due to which it loses its shine over time. You have to clean and polish your kitchen cabinets to make them look beautiful and new again.

When you are into the DIY projects for shining the cabinets of the kitchen, you need to have certain things alongside so the work can be done easily. If you do not have these things instantly available, then it will be a hassle to get up again and again to find one.

Collect all these things beforehand so that you can start off shining the cabinets. Get the plastic drop clothes, rubber gloves, clean cloths, baking soda, furniture polish, sponge, white vinegar, olive oil, and most importantly, a bucket full of water.

When you have all these things with you, it does not matter which combination you choose to outshine the cabinets, but these things will ease up the process for you.

Shine Kitchen Cabinets

Steps to Shine Kitchen Cabinets

Here are some of the steps which you have to follow for a bigger chance to achieve a shining kitchen cabinets.

Step 1: Plastic Drop Cloth

To avoid any spills on the kitchen floor, get a plastic drop cloth on the floor under the kitchen cabinets.

Step 2: Making Mixture

Next step is to mix hot water and white vinegar in a plastic basket. The quantity of water in the bucket will be according to the cabinets which you have to clean so choose accordingly. Now add two drops of olive oil in the same bucket and mix it gently.

White vinegar clears out all the germs and bacteria present on the cabinet along with the oils or grease. However, olive oil brings back the shine you want on the kitchen cabinets.

Step 3: Wearing gloves

Makes sure that the hot water is fine enough for you to touch it and do not forget to put on gloves before you get started.

Step 4: Scrubbing

Now take a sponge and dip it into the vinegar solution basket. Gently scrub the cabinets to remove any grease, dirt or oils on it. Repeat the same process on every cabinet.

Steps to Shine Kitchen Cabintes

If you face any tough greasy stains on the cabinet, then consider combining baking soda and water in a bowl. Mix it well and then rub it gently on the cabinet. It will remove stubborn stains instantly. Clear it out with a piece of cloth.

Step 5: Wiping Cabinets

Now take a clean cloth piece and dip it into the clean water. Wipe off the cabinets again so that if there is any leftover grease or oil, it comes off completely with giving a smooth surface.

Step 6: Drying Cabinets

Have another dry piece of cloth so that you can clean the cabinets with it so that there is no wetness remaining on the cabinets so you can move to the next step.

Step 7: Polishing or Waxing

If you want to outshine the cabinets, then you can apply wood polish or wax on the cabinets. It enhances the beauty of the wood cabinets, and you will be able to see the shine sparkling out of the cabinets once again. When you are done with polishing or waxing, then wipe it off gently with the clean, dry cloth again to finish the process.

Some DIY Mixtures to Make the Cabinets Shine

To get rid of funky and funny greasy kitchen cabinets, here are some of the ways which you can adopt which would work perfectly. If you do not like one, you can try another one which will provide you the desired results. There are many chemicals available in the market which you can use but how about saving some money with the products available at your home? Every household has these ingredients, and it is all about mixing the right ones so you can get the shiny cabinets in the kitchen. So instead of thinking to replace the cabinets or repainting them, you can scrub them off, and get the shine back instantly.

Ways to get Chemical – free Shiny Kitchen Cabinets

Combination of Dish Soap and hot water

Get a bucket of hot water and add dish soap in it until it creates bubbles. It is better to have a brush with soft bristles which you can dip in it and wipe off the cabinets from it. It will remove all the grease or oil present on the cabinet by giving you a smooth finish at the end.

Baking Soda Scrub

Take dry baking soda and a toothbrush. Dip the toothbrush into the baking soda and scrub off the cabinets. It will take a little longer, but you will surely get rid of the stubborn stains on the cabinet.

Dish Soap and White Vinegar

Combination of Dish Soap and White Vinegar

When you have to clean your house, white vinegar is the king of all products. It wipes off the dirt, unlike any other strong chemical would do. We use white vinegar in our food so everyone would be having that in their kitchen cabinets. Mix white vinegar and dish soap in a bucket and scrub off the cabinets to get the ultimate shine.

Combination of Borax

You will be able to find Borax in the grocery stores easily as it is known as a natural cleaner. It is especially for the health conscious people, which is also eco-friendly. It helps the residue to vanish from the cabinets giving you outclass shine of the cabinets. You have to make the combination of borax with vinegar, hot water, borax and dish soap. Add it all into a bucket and then scrub with the help of a sponge. You will be able to see the results which you have not imagines with this amazing cleaning combination.


There are so many ways for you to choose to bring back the shine for the kitchen cabinets. So take out time and try one of the methods which you find comfortable. You will be glad to see the results and have a clean kitchen just as you want it to be.

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