How to Get Rid of Maggots on the Kitchen Floor? 6 Quick Tips

Maggot infestation is common on the kitchen floor, underneath carpeting, and in trashcans. Maggots on the kitchen floor can be a nightmare for everyone. They are slimy and filthy; therefore, no one wants to see them in their kitchen. The infestation of maggot may be the reason for several diseases. You have to eliminate them quickly to avoid their spread in your home.

To decrease maggot infestation, it is necessary to discard rotting food, clean and empty trash can, and clean your carpet. Here are some tips to get rid of maggot infestation on the kitchen floor.

Remove Garbage from the Can

You will need gloves to remove garbage from the dustbin. Make sure to remove leftover debris at the base of the garbage can. Put all the garbage in a bag and throw this bag in a dumpster. Make sure to eradicate garbage to take care of the infestation.

If you suspect maggots living in the kitchen, pour a solution of vinegar and hot water in the sink. It will help you to get rid of maggots on the kitchen floor and other areas. Boil water and pour it on the maggots in your trash can. Thoroughly clean your garbage can with hot water.

Remove Garbage from the Can

Wash and Dry Your Trash Can

Remove the content of trash can, even dead maggots. Rinse it out with a garden hose. Fill the bucket with soapy, hot water. Put on your gloves and clean the inside area of the trash can with soapy water and a rigid brush.

To prepare a solution, mix two-parts of water and one-part vinegar to clean your trash can. Use mint oil to rub-down the interior of the can to repel maggots. You must not pour this water in a storm drain because they flow directly in local streams, lacks, or other water sources.

Remember, maggots love dampness; therefore, you have to dry trash completely. Put your trash can in the sun on a driveway. Some rags may help you to dry it. Make sure to repeat the process each week to keep maggots away.

Avoid Maggots on Kitchen Floor by Lining a Trash Can with Trash Bags

You will need jumbo trash bags to line a garbage can. Make sure to do this after removing the maggots and cleaning the trash can. It will help you to keep maggots away. A large trash bag will help you to keep your trash can maggot free.

Crumble bay leaves and eucalyptus around your trash can. Remember, maggots and flies do not like the smell of bay leaves and eucalyptus. You can crumble some of these leaves and put them in your trash can.

Remove Carpets from Kitchen Rugs

Use boric acid to kill maggots on the carpet. You can collect maggots with a broom from the kitchen rug. Sprinkle boric acid on a rug and collect maggots from the carpet. Remember, boric acid acts as a natural insecticide. Purchase boric acid from a hardware store to kill maggots.

Thoroughly vacuum each cranny and nook of the carpeting. Pull out your vacuum bag and seal this bag in one airtight plastic container or bag. Freeze this bag to kill all the maggots and instantly put it in a trash container. It will help you to kill larvae.

Steam Cleaning

A carpet steam cleaner is available from a drug or hardware store. Renting may be cheap and is an affordable tool to avoid maggots. Buy an insecticide solution for cleaning your floor or carpet. These solutions are non-toxic for animals and humans.

Carefully read and follow the directions on the label of insecticide solution. Mix it with hot water and pour it to the reservoir of a steam cleaner. Feel free to use a pet shampoo containing insecticide. It will help you to remove indoor pest infestation. Steam clean a carpet by running it on the carpeted areas of the kitchen.

Self-Sealing Trash Cans in the Kitchen

Self-sealing trash cans may prevent maggots from making their way inside. Once your can is filled, you can take its bag out and put it outside. A broken lid of trashcan may increase the spread of larvae. Immediately replace your broken trash can with a new one.

Seal potent leftover foodstuff in sealable bags before putting them in a trash can. It will not attract flies. You can use fly strips in your home because these sticks can catch flies. Pour water and bleach in your kitchen drains. It will eliminate bacteria and decrease the chances of larvae.

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Final Verdict

If you have Maggots on the kitchen floor, you have to find its source. Decompose filth and food that are significant reasons for maggots. Focus on your kitchen because trash can and rotten foods offer a breeding bed to maggots.

Clean up your area and sanitize the entire home including kitchen to get rid of maggots.

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