How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Kitchen Cabinets? 8 Exclusive Tips

Cockroaches do not need your permission to stay in the kitchen. As you go to the kitchen, they may run and hide away from you. It is difficult to remove them from your kitchen. Remember, these never come solo in your home. You can notice Cockroaches in kitchen cabinets.

It can be gross and frustrating to see them running on your food. These pests may carry dangerous diseases. Cockroaches can destroy your hygiene and cleanliness. Here are some natural ways to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets.

Borax Powder

Borax powder is an effective method to remove unwanted pests from your home. Clean your cabinets with borax powder and sprinkle some powder in the cabinets. After using borax powder, you will see the difference. 

For cracks, you have to mix up a batch of sugar and borax together. You have to take equal parts of both ingredients. Apply this mixture in cracks along with baseboards. Reapply the mixture until the roaches are gone.

Use Empty Eggs

Eggs allow you to get rid of cockroaches. You can get empty shells of egg and put them in the kitchen cabinet. Remember, eggshells can stop cockroaches from entering in the shelves.

Powdered Sugar

With the help of powdered sugar, you can avoid roaches. Put powdered sugar in one small bowl and put this bowl in the shelves. It will help you to keep roaches away from cabinets.

Bay Leaves

Remember, bay leaves act as a natural cockroach repellent. Roaches do not like the smell of bay leaves. You can put bay leaves in the cabinets and get rid of roaches.

Protect your food from cockroaches and keep them away with a red wine bowl. Remember, roaches stay away from the smell of red wine.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean

To avoid cockroaches, you have to keep your surroundings clean. Cockroaches need water and food source. Based on their size and temperature, they may live for one month without food. They cannot survive without water over a week.

You have to find and fix all water leaks in your kitchen. Once the water sources are eliminated, roaches will come out to eat gel-based baits set by you. Clean your home to keep cockroaches away. Start cleaning from your kitchen.

Wash all the dishes and keep food at a secure place after meals. Clean up spills and crumbs right away and keep the entire area clean. Remember, cockroaches prefer grease; therefore, you have to keep your range tops clean.

Carefully keep containers of food clean and avoid keeping your food out for an extended period. Moreover, don’t leave dirty dishes out for the entire night. Remove fruits from countertops. Regularly mop your floors to clean up sticky spots and crumbs.

Avoid sloping water against walls because roaches need water. Regularly throw out the trash and put a trash can in the house for food. You should not leave food in the home for too long. Keep your trash out regularly. Keep the containers sealed to avoid roaches.

Keep Your Kitchen Surroundings Clean

Use Bait for Roaches

Cockroach bait is available in stores in a childproof-case. The bait may be applied as a gel and has a slow poison mixed in a favorite food for cockroaches. Remember, roaches will eat this slow poison and bring this point to their nest. This poison will eventually kill other cockroaches.

Put the bait in specific areas where the presence of cockroaches is expected. You can put baseboard in the corners and under the sink. It must be nearby the nest to attract many roaches. Typically, baits for roaches contain .05% Fipronil or 2% Hydramethylnon as an active ingredient.

It may take several weeks to kill roaches with this method. You have to destroy the entire nest of roaches, including their new eggs.

Homemade Bait to Kill Cockroaches in Kitchen Cabinets

You will need powdered boric acid, one-part white flour and one part white sugar in powder form. The flour and sugar attract the roaches, and boric acid will kill them. Sprinkle this powder in the back of cabinets and drawers, under the stove and refrigerator, etc.

You can try another mixture of flour (2 parts), cocoa (1 part) and boric acid (1 part). Expect almost three cycles of reemergence/disappearance of progressively small hordes of roaches. These may last almost two weeks. Consistently use boric acid until all cockroaches are gone.

Pets and kids can eat this mixture, but boric acid is not toxic to pets and humans. Remember, it is for external use and keeps it away from children and pets. Carefully select a place where bugs can reach it. The mixture may cake in moist environments; therefore, foil or paper trays are essential to protect your cabinets and floors.

Use Insecticides

The solution of water and soap can help you to kill adult roaches. You can make a solution of water and bath soap. It must be thin enough to spray in your cabinets and different other places via a spray bottle.

Feel free to splash it or throw on the roaches. Remember, you can kill a roach with 2 – 3 drops of this soapy solution. The solution must touch the lower abdomen and head of roaches. A soapy water solution can kill roaches by making a thin layer on the breathing pores of the roaches. Make sure to throw away kill roaches as soon as possible because they can recover once the liquid dries up. Moreover, you can use insecticide spray to kill roaches.

Final Verdict

Cockroaches in the kitchen cabinet can increase your irritation and trouble. You can use borax and sugar powder to kill roaches. Fortunately, insecticide sprays are available in the market. Professional grade pesticides are effective against roaches.

The liquid concentrates are available for the public. This concentrate can be a deterrent chemical or poison. It is diluted with liquid and sprayed on the surface. To kill roaches, you can spray a liquid concentrate on crevice or cracks. The concentrate is useful for protection against re-infestation.

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