How to Fix Worn Spots on Kitchen Cabinets – 6 Important Tips

Cabinets are the first thing which catches your eye when you enter the kitchen. They should be clean and maintained for the entire kitchen to have a good appearance. Ask any women whether she is satisfied or not when the kitchen looks clean.

Well, everyone will have the same response that it is a peace of mind when you know that your kitchen is clean and looks attractive. When you do not want to see the old and worn out spots on the kitchen cabinets, then it is time to do some work.

You do not have to replace the cabinets but think budget friendly. You can give them a facelift with the following specific steps. The cabinets of the kitchen are used more often than any other cabinets in the entire house, so if you do not maintain them over time, they will surely wear and tear making the kitchen look bad eventually.

Even if you have the kitchen clean, it will not look beautiful. Well, most of the houses have wood kitchen cabinets which have different shapes. Whether it is short in length and long in width, you have to clean it strip by strip to make sure that it looks perfect. So here are some of the ways you can make the cabinets spot-free and without any hassle.

There are something to remember for you is to wear a mask when you are working with the chemicals as some people may be allergic to them. When you are painting the cabinets, make sure the doors are closed, so the air does not pass through.

The debris and dust particles can stick to the paint and may make the cabinets look rough before it dries up. It will cause you to do extra work to get the proper finishing of the cabinets. Use gloves to protect your hands and follow the right procedure.

Make sure you purchase a varnish brush which is branded and of high quality. It may cost a little, but you can work with it for a long time. You will get effective results when you have the right vanish brush to apply paint on the cabinets. The stray bristles may ruin the look of the cabinets so choose wisely. The bristles of the brush should be attached for excellent results of the paint.

You will need to have specific tools to get started with fixing the worn spots on the kitchen cabinets. Make sure you have a small can, clean rag, screwdriver, tack cloth, touch-up pen, stir stick, varnish paint, stain and polyurethane combination product, and mineral spirits.

Fixing the Spot on Kitchen Cabinet

Step 1 – Removing handles and hinges

The first thing you have to do is to remove the handles and the hinges from the cabinets so that the cleaning is easy to do. Take the screwdriver and remove the screws. Make sure you keep them aside organized so that none of it misses out while you are cleaning the cabinets.

Removing Cabinets handles and hinges

Next, get the clean rag and remove the oil or grease off the cabinets. The residue would be hard to remove so use the mineral spirits along with it which sets on it due to cooking in the kitchen. Now damp the rag and clear up the grease or oil. Clean it until it clears off completely.

Step 2: Sanding Off Cabinets

Now you need a 220 grit sandpaper to sand off the cabinets lightly. Fold the sheet of sandpaper in ¼ and rub it on the grain of the wood cabinets. Make sure you do it thoroughly so that the surface is smooth of the cabinets.

Place the fingers between the moldings of sandpaper so that it improves the indentation of the cabinets. Lightly keep on sanding the cabinets so that the rough surface becomes smooth with finishing the cabinets to look better.

Step 3: Removing Dust

Now is the time to remove the dust off the cabinets with the tack cloth. Wipe the entire cabinet so that it clears out, giving you a smooth touch of the cabinet.

Applying Stain Products on Kitchen Cabinet

Step 4: Applying Stain Products

It is time to do a little touch up to the cabinets so that it looks of similar color before you apply the stain product on it. For that, you have to use the touch-up pen with dabbing it onto the wood color you wish to continue for the cabinet. Cover the stain with the pen so that it colors equally.

Give it about 10 minutes to dry. Now you can wipe off the excess from it smoothen the edges. If there is discoloration slightly, then do not worry about it, no one will even notice that.

Step 5: Using a Combination

Next, combine the polyurethane and stain product. Stir it together so that it is adequately mixed with settling the pigmentation when it is sitting for long. There should be no pigmentation in the box left so stir it rapidly.

If you want the best results for your cabinets, then select a little darker shade from the cabinets for the stain color. Only stir the can and do not prefer to shake it as it can create bubbles in the combination and may also leave bubbles on the cabinet.

Step 6: Finishing Product

Work with the gain by painting the trim and the molds of the cabinet. It is time to apply the stain and finish product to the smooth areas of the cabinets. Give it one coat and then wait for it to dry. Once it dries then give the finishing coat.

Make sure you apply the strokes on the cabinets only one time to get the even surface results for the cabinets. Do not overdo the area of the cabinet and make sure you stay very patient all this time.


When you complete the procedure to fixing spots on the cabinets, you will feel like that the entire kitchen is new. You will step in it with cooking with more interest as it would feel delightful.

Taking care of your kitchen should be a part of your routine, so make sure to take out time every week and do the fixtures required. It does not take much of your time, but the room stays fresh and lively for you to go there and feel good cooking for yourself and family.

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