How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen with Metal Studs?

Do you want to remodel or build an outdoor kitchen? You can use metal studs because different options are available in the market. If you are ready to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs, visit a hardware store.

Metal studs are better than their wooden counterparts for non-load bearing structures. The use of metal studs is common in commercial and domestic structures. These studs are made of sheet steel available in different sizes and shapes.

Tips to Build an Outdoor Kitchen with Metal Studs

Here are some easy steps that will help you to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs. Make sure to purchase the right metal studs. Several options are available in the market.

Create a Plan

It is a crucial step to build your outdoor kitchen. You have to write down accurate dimensions of everything. Carefully highlight what you want to add in the kitchen, such as the fridge, grills, doors, sink, and drawers.

Create a Plan to Build Outdoor Kitchen with Metal Studs

Arrange the Right Tools

Make sure to collect the right tools to complete this project. To build a kitchen with metal studs, you will need these tools:

  • Level
  • Hammer drill
  • Cut-on metal saw
  • Fasteners
  • Screw gun
  • Chalk box
  • Clamps
  • Plumb bob/ laser level

Determine the Number of Metal Studs

To build an outdoor kitchen, you have to arrange metal studs. People may need one stud in each 300 mm (12 inches), particularly when building a wall. Steel plates may be used for the top and bottom of the kitchen construction.

Draw Lines with Chalk

With the help of chalk, you can draw lines to designate a space for every furniture or stud. If you want to build a kitchen on the floor, chalk will help you designate an area. You can mark specific limits on surfaces to make cutting and sticking easy.

Screw in Tracks

To build an outdoor kitchen with some metal studs, you can start screwing in lower tracks. Construction will be easy by following the chalk lines. These chalk lines will support the construction. Make sure to drill a hole in the track and stud to fasten them securely with one screw. A hammer drill will help you to drill a hole in the concrete.

Plumb Your First Track

The lower and upper tracks are essential. You have to plumb them with a laser level, a plumb bob, and water levels. Feel free to use any one of these tools. If you don’t know how to use these tools, make sure to consult professionals.

Plumb Your First Track
Picture Credit: The Hive Philly

Trim Metal Studs

You have to adjust studs to build your outdoor kitchen. A few aviation snips may help you to complete this task. It is important to bend a flange of stud up and cut it with the jaws of snips. Include some electrical and plumbing installations. For your protection, it is vital to wear heavy-duty gloves.

Join Tracks and Studs

You will need a locking plier to join studs and tracks. Insert them at a medium speed using a pan-head screw. The screw must be almost ½ inches or more. Consider the clutch setting to drive the screw.

For some unusual shapes, you may need metal headers. You can cut a track as per your needs to create metal locking pliers. Feel free to buy them from the market.

Pour Concrete

Based on the kitchen type, you can pour concrete in the frame. It will increase the durability of your kitchen. Moreover, you can use concrete panels. Some cheaper options are available in the form of wooden or plywood panels.

Electrical Cables

You have to put a few electrical cables through the kitchen structure. Make sure to design a blueprint to make your work easy. Remember, a plastic bushing may be helpful to avoid rubbing between sharp edges of metal and cables.

For uncovered spaces, you can use wood blocking. Moreover, add veneers and counters to your outdoor kitchen. Some great options are stucco, stones, and tiles. After completing construction, you should take essential prevention measures. It will increase the life of your kitchen.

Benefits of Using Metal Studs

Metal studs are lighter and convenient to use than wood. These take less space as compared to lumber because of their hollowed shape. For this reason, it is easy to store and transport these studs. Aviation snips prove helpful to cut metal studs. For bulk cutting, people use a saw blade or a miter saw. Wear gloves for protecting hands from harsh edges.

Stable and Convenient to Install

It is easy to handle steel framing because their weight is less than wood. These may be installed at almost 24 inches in the middle. They are attached with screws, and moving them is simple. Moreover, wood is inclined to warping and twisting. With the use of metal, there is no need to worry about twisting.

Wood wicks moisture and may lead to rot and mold growth. Remember, metal is immune to all these problems. Metal may rust, but you can protect it by installing sill gasket or vapor barriers between the concrete floor and bottom plate.

Strong and Durable Kitchen with Metal Studs

Strong and Durable

CFS (Cold-formed Steel) framing is ductile and strong. It is ideal for seismic and high-wind zones. Moreover, termites and carpenter ants can damage the construction of wood. You can avoid these problems with the use of metal. Moreover, metal can’t burn. Walls with metal studs are virtually fireproof. 

Low Cost of Construction

You may face some nuances in the area. Steel framing may cost 3 to 15 percent than wooden studs. Feel free to get the advantage of a lower cost. Its warranty callbacks are limited because metal cannot warp, split or shrink.


It is not difficult to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs. Metal studs will help you to create a beautiful outdoor kitchen. If you don’t have the experience, feel free to hire a professional contractor. Moreover, ready-to-use outdoor kitchens are also available in the market. You can build a beautiful kitchen as per your budget and available space.

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